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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.119.766.3

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Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Controls are now presented on the workout screen, allowing a rider to move forward to the next interval or back to the beginning of the current segment
  • Added support for workouts from TrainingPeaks that are driven by speed targets or heart rate threshold
  • Added controls that enable a rider to modify workout intensity (up/down) when doing a workout managed by a smart trainer
  • Workouts can now be started with the lap button
  • Refined and simplified the first boot setup on new Karoos and after factory resets

    Bug Fixes:

    • Map scrolling is no longer possible when map is locked
    • Fixed an issue in which the thumbnail images for a workout sometimes indicated one more interval than included in the session
    • Fixed an issue causing failed imports of TrainingPeaks workouts that include a step with repeat count of one
    • Improvements to navigation, with the intention of removing the “Continue Ride…” message that displays instead of turn-by-turn directions on some routes. This fix addresses routes that start and end on the same road moving in the same direction (for example for a loop route)
    • Resolved an infrequent issue causing sensor data to not display in-ride
    • Dashboard POIs now retain the user’s name and description field data if they click away from the edit dialog after entering text in one of those fields
    • Karoo now deletes offline map and navigation data for regions that have been removed in Settings. Previously these regions were preserved on Karoo and continued to take up storage space

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