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A Rowdy Rock Cobbler With Adrian Andrada

In the aftermath of unrelenting rain drenching California, the Rock Cobbler promised a muddy battleground for Hammerhead ambassador, Adrian Andrada. Unphased by the daunting conditions and with confidence in his gear, he faced the challenge head-on. As he woke up for race day, a surprising twist unfolded - the sun peeked through the clouds, casting rays on the treacherous muddy course.

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Navigating through hike-a-bike 45-degree inclines and picturesque landscapes with rows of curious cows, Adrian encountered a defining moment when he hit a large log, catapulting him over the handlebars.

Emerging from the mud, he again found his flow and danced on the pedals. As a mud-streaked Adrian crossed the finish line, he roared a sign of relief and checked off another bucket list event. 

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