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Ride-Enhancing Updates in the Latest Karoo Software Release

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Ride-Enhancing Updates in the Latest Karoo Software Release

Centered data fields, more options for navigation cues, and a new view for the routes app bring quality of life improvements for your pre- and in-ride experience.


New software is now available for your Karoo. Version 1.85.670.3 brings various quality of life improvements designed to enhance your pre- and in-ride experiences. These changes are directly in response to feedback from Karoo users — we can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate having such an engaged and invested community of users.


One of the biggest items of feedback we received when we revised our UI was that data fields should be centered rather than left-aligned. After testing the change, we agree: it’s easier to see your data at a glance, and it just feels better in-ride.


Turn-by-Turn cues are now customizable by data page. You now have three options for how you see the navigation banner:

  • No turn-by-turn banner on page
  • Turn-by-turn banner pops up when new instructions are available
  • Turn-by-turn banner is always on — in this case the data fields are compressed to make room

Just head into your Pages app, tap the page you want to edit, and you’ll see the options. If the Navigation Banner toggle is set to on, you can choose between two “on states” — Always On and On Cue.

Head to the Routes app and tap the toggle in the top-left to switch from the traditional map view to a text-only list that puts more routes on your screen at once.


Full release notes for Karoo software 1.85.670.3

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