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Meet the Hammerhead Community

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Meet the Hammerhead Community
Karoo use around the globe in 2018. The Hammerhead logos in New York, Netherlands, and Melbourne signify our three main locations where Karoos ship from.

Hammerhead has a rich community of Karoo users that other head unit manufacturers would kill for. From their ride stories to their feature suggestions, they’re the reason we do all of this.


Hammerhead’s vibrant, international, and engaged community is made up of thousands of cyclists globally coming together to discuss innovative ways to use their Karoos, share stories of their epic rides in exotic locations, and suggest exciting new ways to enhance the Karoo’s software. It’s a major part of what makes the Karoo so special.

A Global Community

Despite Karoo being available “only” in the USA, Europe, and Australia, Karoo users have covered the globe with their riding in over 100 countries. We discussed our community’s riding habits back at the end of 2018, and we’ve written the stories of Karoo users riding in France, Taiwan, Japan, California, and Michigan. But with so many rides taking place, there are almost too many stories to tell.

We really do love hearing where Karoo users are riding. When you send us photographs of your rides, we share them with the Karoo team. We’re often blown away by the beautiful locations and epic adventures that you share with us. If you’ve done a ride you want to tell us about, send us an email at harold@hammerhead.io and we’ll try to feature it on the blog.



…And An International Company

Our vast international community is entirely organic, built from the ground-up from the passion our users have for their Karoos. And while this upshoot of Karoo enthusiasm may be fully independent, we’re delighted that diversity of our user communities reflects the global nature of Hammerhead as a company: we have more nationalities than we can count working at our offices in the US, Europe, India, and China.

Indeed, although our head offices are in New York, we’re also a registered company in the EU, and customers in Europe get their Karoos from our Netherlands location. As a European company, we give you all the same guarantees and protections you’d expect… and the Karoo arrives on your doorstep super quickly too! (With no import taxes or unexpected charges either.)

We recently began selling the Karoo in Australia, with a warehouse based out of Melbourne fulfilling all orders so that they arrive at your door quickly and with no extra fees. We’re hoping to add more countries to our list too — we know there are many of you outside North America, Europe, and Australia who want to own a Karoo.

Karoo is Built With You

We’re building Karoo with the feedback from Karoo users. From day one, we’ve wanted to know what Karoo users think, and what their dream bicycle computer looks like.

As a Karoo user, we’ll often reach out to you with surveys. Sometimes they’re as simple as telling us how much you like your Karoo on a scale of 1–10. Sometimes they’re much more involved, trying to learn more about you, your riding, the Karoo features you enjoy, and the features you want to see.

You can also reach out to us. We really do read and discuss every suggestion that comes our way, whether it’s on our social media channels, email, forums… or even on third-party forums and communities (yes, we pay attention to those too!).

We want to make Karoo not only the best it can be, but the best cycling computer in the world. And we’re not doing it alone.

Where can I buy a Karoo?

Karoo is available directly through Hammerhead’s website. It ships for free with fast postage from our locations in the USA, Europe, or Australia. Here’s a list of the countries in which we currently sell the Karoo.



Join the Communities

Join our communities, and don’t forget to share with the #hammerheadrides hashtag.

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