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Maghalie Rochette’s Epic Odyssey: From Dublin to Edinburgh for the World Championships

After a year long battle with injury, followed by a major back surgery, Maghalie Rochette found herself in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. There, she embarked on a joyous journey to regain her feverish enthusiasm and drive.

Her destination: the UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Her route: an epic 500-kilometer bikepacking expedition across mountains and moors.

Her gear: Canyon Lux equipped with Karoo 2 and the all-new K-EDGE Boost Stem Mount with HMS.

The route was nothing short of spectacular, taking her through picturesque Irish countryside, along the rugged coastlines of Northern Ireland, aboard ferry boats, and into the mythical landscapes of Scotland. Along the way, she encountered both the tranquility of rolling hills and the ruggedness of off-road trails.

Crossing the finish line of the UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships, Maghalie celebrated the promise of a competitive future and reignited her famed and feverish passion leading into cyclocross season.