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In Support of the Local Bike Shop: New Shop Affiliate Program Launches

Posted by Andrew Scott on

In Support of the Local Bike Shop: New Shop Affiliate Program Launches

With the rise of online retailers undercutting costs for many pieces of cycling equipment, the LBS has become under attack. Hammerhead believes the LBS is the cornerstone of a successful, healthy, and supportive local community. From group rides to bike-service to empowerment and skills training, we want to see those dedicated to the cycling community continue to grow and spread the joys of two wheels to others.

Hammerhead has started its partner-shop program, which lets you demo the Karoo before you buy. Purchasing Karoo through a partner shop gives you a 50 dollar discount, but more importantly, also gives support to your local bike shop through a flat commission. Each shop has a unique discount code to help keep track of commission properly; ask what that code is with a representative from the shop.

A partner shop will allow you to see and demo Karoo in person, and provide you with the discount code to use at checkout on our website. Please note that in our mission, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for shops to work with us: Karoos will not be stocked for sale in partner stores, but demo units will be available. To reduce overhead at local shops, Hammerhead is handling all of the distribution logistics and customer support. If you are a bike shop owner interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to email Andrews@hammerhead.io

We are highlighting a few shops where you can inquire about Karoo- with more to come as well!


Hilltop Bicycles (New Jersey, New York City)



Experience Karoo in person at four locations in New Jersey, as well as the Lower East Side. We’re pleased to have partnered Hilltop Bicycles to offer in-store Karoo units for testing, and the opportunity to purchase new units at a great discount.

Walk into any of Hilltop’s locations and you will understand why their cycling club has garnered one of the largest followings around. With fine attention to service, but more importantly an honest love for bikes and cycling, Hilltop employees will leave you feeling wholly welcomed into the vibrant New Jersey cycling community. https://hilltopbicycles.com/


Backyard Bike Shop (Gateshead, UK)



Hammerhead is pleased to announce a new partner bike shop in Gateshead, UK, where you can see and experience their demo Karoo units and purchase a new Karoo at a discount while supporting the shop. Backyard Bike Shop is a is a Pro Workshop, specializing in repairs, servicing and tailored custom builds. A hub for local cyclists, Backyard Bike Shop also has an accompanying cafe and restaurant dedicated to both the pre-ride coffee ritual and post-ride meal. You can learn more at https://www.backyardbikeshop.com/


Skyline Bike and Board (Reading, PA)



Hammerhead is pleased to announce a partnership with Skyline Bike and Board in Reading, PA. You can stop by and try out a Karoo, either on road or dirt. Skyline represents the true healing power of cycling, as the shop is committed to taking in and teaching disadvantaged youth bike mechanic skills, self-care, and the joys of cycling in and around Pennsylvania’s wilderness. Owner Ryan DeWald speaks candidly about how cycling helped him during his youth in Reading, and how it later helped him navigate and control his adult-onset Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. Learn more on their website, https://skylinebike.com/ and explore their non-profit, https://winningtheracewithdiabetes.org


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