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Hometown Hero: Björn and Jana (Ride Punk Ride)

Aimed at challenging the traditional cycling norms and stereotypes, Jana and Björn, also known as Ride Punk Ride, hail from Hamburg, Germany. Their adventures are opportunities to capture the essence of pedal-powered freedom, celebrating the liberty and camaraderie within each ride. Their philosophy emphasizes the importance of authenticity and fostering a cycling community that values individuality and unity.

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As hosts of EVERYbody Ride community events, an initiative spearheaded by ambassador Beau Marksohn, Jana and Björn foster an environment of inclusivity and empowerment, regardless of the journey’s distance or destination. Each pedal stroke is a cause for celebration, and every mile conquered is a collective triumph.

Exploring the “Schaf-route,” aptly named for its frequent run-ins with sheep, Jana and Björn encounter scenes of tranquility with empty roads, a welcomed relief from the hustle and bustle of Hamburg’s busy streets. new roads, unveiled splendor, and the transformation of ideas into adventures. 


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