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EVERYbody: An Open Conversation with Beau Marksohn

The EVERYbody Ride event kicked off with a conversational group bike ride through the heart of Manhattan. Enthusiastic cyclists of all levels pedaled side by side, forging new friendships and embracing the thrill of exploring the city on two wheels. The energy was infectious as the peloton weaved through iconic landmarks, spreading the message of inclusivity to onlookers.

Photography: Will Truettner

Following the rallying ride, the event transitioned into an engaging panel talk moderated by Beau Marksohn himself. The panel explored topics such as mental health, body dysmorphia, and avenues for cycling to better support and provide for an expanding community of athletes who identify in varying ways. The audience was captivated by the panelists' insights and inspired by their shared vision for a more inclusive world.

Beau Marksohn's own journey was a highlight of the evening. He shared personal anecdotes and his commitment to creating positive change through cycling initiatives. His passion is encouragement for everyone to embrace open-mindedness, the transformative power of the bicycle as a tool for empowerment, and advocating for people to discuss topics of depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia proudly and publicly.