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Bracket Foot Update, Continued

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Bracket Foot Update, Continued

The next steps


Hello Everyone,



After a few weeks of intensive analysis, our hardware team has re-engineered Karoo’s bracket foot to be more durable, and initiated production of these replacement bracket feet for our entire customer base. This was done in response to some reports that Karoo’s bracket foot was failing, causing the device to dislodge from the mount, often resulting in a damaged unit that could not be mounted again. We want to apologize again to those users impacted by these failures, and thank them for helping us understand the nature of these failures, and of course, for their patience as we address the issue systemically.

For full clarity, we want to note that these bracket foot failures impacted only approximately 2% of active Karoo users, and in the vast majority of cases, with mounts other than the included and recommended Barfly MAX 4 mount that comes with Karoo. This is to suggest that the statistical likelihood of your bracket foot failing is quite low, particularly if you’re using our included mount, which is an extremely tough but much more forgiving mount design. All the same, we understand that these failures are enough to shake the confidence of some of our users, which is why the new bracket feet are being introduced.


Whereas the previous bracket foot design took only one or two severely-rated impacts to break in one specific type of test, the redesigned ones above each took several dozen successive impacts before failing the same test. It is a far more robust design.

Each pre-ordered Karoo justifies one free upgraded replacement bracket foot, even if the original one has not failed. Additional replacement bracket feet can also be ordered for a cost of $8.99 each.

To claim your free replacement bracket foot, please follow these steps:

  1. Email us at support@hammerhead.io.
  2. Provide the order number of your original Karoo pre-order(s).
  3. Provide the email address under which the original pre-order was placed.

Replacement bracket feet will begin shipping approximately two-to-three weeks from today to customers who follow the steps above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.



Edit, 06/04/2018, 2:33pm EDT: We had previously announced in this post that second-hand devices do not qualify for free bracket foot replacement, but because we want all users to be confident in their rides with Karoo, we have decided to reverse this. Karoo users with devices purchased second-hand should contact us via support@hammerhead.io for instructions on how to receive their replacement bracket foot. Thank you.

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