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Karoo Software Build Version 1.460.1805

Posted by Hammerhead Team on

Karoo Features:

  • If you follow Structured Workouts on Karoo, we’ve made a number of improvements related to Workouts behaviour, Intervals and Targets. The most important change is being able to control a workout much more intuitively. 
    • You can now “seek” around in the workout (skip to next interval, restart interval, go to previous interval) and the total interval count of the workout won’t change. 
    • Karoo will mark a new Lap in the recording, but the workout instructions will remain exactly as originally planned.
  • We’ve also made improvements in Karoo’s settings for Training Metrics. We’ve simplified the way you edit Power and Heart Rate Zones on Karoo. We’ve also aligned our Lactate Threshold Heart Rate calculation to use 85% of your Max Heart Rate. 
  • We’ve redesigned the Upcoming Elevation graphical data field to be easier to use. Tap it to zoom out, double-tap to zoom in. This field requires you to be following a Route. 
  • We’ve improved the Ascent Remaining data field to update more smoothly as you climb. 

Companion App: 

  • Android (1.24.1) Features:
    • We’ve updated the icon and name of the Companion App.
    • We’ve added a confirmation step when removing a paired Karoo.
  • Android (1.24.1) Bug Fixes:
    • We’ve fixed an issue where the Companion App would show all of your phone’s paired Bluetooth devices, not just Karoo's.





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