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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.33.582.3

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Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Upcoming course elevation graph has been introduced
    • The graph defaults to show the next 2 miles, and can be zoomed in or out by holding the left-side hardware buttons on the Karoo, or by using an on-screen pinch gesture
  • Sensor precedence rules have been added, allowing riders to order sensors in the sensors application by dragging and dropping. Sensors higher in the list have priority over sensors lower in the list. If a higher priority sensor is not available for any reason, Karoo falls back to the sensor in the list that can fill the purpose
  • The Karoo GPS is added to the sensor list, enabling users to choose GPS-based speed/distance over a speed sensor if desired
  • Significant changes have been made to underlying software structure to improve Karoo’s battery life. The added framework lets us add further battery optimisations as they become identified over time. As of this release, these changes include:
    • Background activities are now turned off while in a Ride
    • Background activities when not in a ride are more compliant with Android architecture, allowing for battery preservation
    • After pausing for 5 minutes, the screen will turn off. It will turn back on when resuming the ride or when the power button is pressed by the rider
    • Karoo will now power down after 2 hours when not in a ride if the user has not interacted with the device
  • Calibration/Zero Offset added for Bluetooth power meters - tap on the connected sensor in the Sensors page, then scroll down to find the calibrate button
  • The Karoo now displays battery status of paired bluetooth devices - tap on the sensor in the Sensors page to see battery information
  • On the map view, the color of the line indicating the route traversed has been updated for improved visibility
  • When the user disables the map in a page profile, it is no longer shown in-ride if a route is selected for the ride.  Turn by turn directions and on/off route messaging continue to be shown with banner directions
  • Adding a field that includes two options (like Heart Rate & Heart Rate with Circular Zones) has been streamlined. A rider only has to extend the menu and click the desired item. There is no longer an additional “accept” button press required
  • Changing an activity name on Karoo updates that name on both Strava and the Karoo activity list
  • The start-up sequence of applications in Karoo is now properly dependent on system-ready indications from Android

Bug Fixes:

  • A variety of reported sensor-related defects were checked against the new user-managed precedence solution and found to be working. See updated feature above
  • A reported issue with GPS flakiness was identified and fixed. Internal testing now shows consistent GPS reliability throughout long rides
  • An issue was identified and resolved which was causing rides to end abruptly, returning the rider to the launcher (home screen)
  • An issue was fixed where creating a route mid-ride would result in start location originating from the original ride start rather than the current location
  • Fixed incorrect indications for left and right turn in roundabout exits
  • The 1, 3, and 5s speed fields are now free-running and are not subject to pause. It had been possible for these to have a residual speed and then stop “draining” off at that point
  • Fixed an intermittent bug where on/off route indication would not display on non-map pages
  • Fixed a problem where, after a factory reset, if the user took all the skip options, the launcher would not load without a second reboot
  • Fixed a bug that caused the travel path to sometimes jump
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ride app to crash if opened while offlining a route
  • Fixed an issue in which multiple routes could be added to the map
  • Fixed a bug in which auto-pause sometimes failed to resume a ride
  • Fixed a bug in which Time to Sunset and other Dawn/Dusk related fields would not update when GPS points were missing
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Offline Map Service to crash
  • Fixed an issue where the status could disappear on the Summary page for the white theme display
  • Resolved an issue where the saving spinner could get stuck while saving once a ride has been completed
  • A bug has been resolved that made it possible for the last distance traveled in a ride to be temporarily visible at the start of the next ride
  • Fixed a problem where the "Remove Route" menu item could fail to change to "Add Route" after a route was removed
  • A bug was fixed where the post-ride activities summary could show the summary for a prior ride

Behind the Scenes:

  • We’ve added additional logging to capture battery drain statistics based on the features used by our riders. This sets us up for further battery improvements in the future
  • Integrated a new routing SDK for future improvements

Bug Fixes Still in Progress:

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