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Karoo Software Build Version 1.307.1266

Posted by Hammerhead Team on


[KAROO 2 ONLY] Improved Low Battery Alerts

We’ve made it easier to warn you on your sensor battery levels: low battery alerts are now available in Control Center. You can see if a connected sensor type has a low battery from Device Controls, and a list of all sensors with low batteries from Notifications.


[KAROO 2 ONLY] New Software Update From Control Center

We’ve made it easier to install the latest software: you can now download and install software updates directly from Control Center (instead of tapping the notification and being taken to the software update page of Settings).


Updated ANT+ Drivetrain Information

If you have an ANT+ drivetrain or a dual-sided power meter with multiple batteries, Karoo will now identify which battery is low (front derailleur, left-side power, etc.) instead of the sensor name. If you have an ANT+ drivetrain, you can now see your current gear in-ride displayed as a Tooth Count (instead of a Gear Index) with the Gears data field. Note: the Front Gear and Rear Gear data fields will continue to display as Gear Indices, in case you prefer to see your gearing that way. Seeing tooth counts requires configuring your drivetrain from Sensor Details.


Added ANT+ Tire Pressure Alerts

If you have an ANT+ tire pressure sensor connected, Karoo will now alert you if your tire pressure falls below or exceeds your set tire pressure range. 


Bug Fixes:

  • [KAROO 2 ONLY] We’ve improved the reliability of the Karoo 2’s barometric pressure sensor.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that can prevent sensors from failing to unpair from Karoo.


Dashboard Software:

  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented ETA and Battery Level from displaying on the Live Tracking page.
  • We’ve added Tire Pressure data to Dashboard Ride Review, so you can see how your Front and Rear tire pressure changed throughout the course of a ride. Note: requires ANT+ tire pressure sensors.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented right-to-left languages from being written properly on Dashboard.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented certain rides from being edited on Dashboard.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented certain indoor rides from being viewable on Dashboard.





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