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Karoo Software Build Version 1.210.1045

Posted by Hammerhead Team on


We’ve made two major improvements on the Strava Live Segments experience:

  • We’ve added leaderboards to the full-screen view of Strava Live Segments in-ride.
    • When approaching a segment, Karoo will show the names of all enabled competitors and their respective times on each segment.
    • While competing on the segment, the leaderboard will display times as relative to yours.
    • When you finish the segment, Karoo will place you and the two nearest finishers on a podium.
    • We also added the segment name to the full-screen view
, and extra detail about the segment as you approach it.
  • Now you can sync unlimited starred segments. Prior to this, the limit was 100. (No changes to near-by segments.)



We’ve reengineered the Karoo’s ANT+ connection to speed, cadence, and combined speed/cadence sensors, just like we did last release with Heart Rate monitors. This will result in faster connection times and more reliable connections.



We improved our XML map style files to avoid formatting issues.


Bug Fixes:

  • We’ve fixed a bug that could cause a ride to be erased while still recording if a sensor disconnected at certain times. Note: this is a different bug than was fixed on April 8th, but it had similar symptoms.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused a delay between Karoo receiving a signal from radars or electronic shifting systems and Karoo reflecting that signal to the user. This led to slow warnings about approaching cars, which is a safety concern, and could lead to the gearing data fields seeming out of sync with the drivetrain.
  • We fixed a bug that could cause Karoo to stop receiving some fraction of the data from sensors that are otherwise connected (e.g. cadence from a crank-based power meter, etc.). Note: this is a different bug than was fixed on May 6th, but it had similar symptoms.
  • We’ve fixed two issues that could lead to an under-reported shift count from electronic groupsets.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Karoo to ignore cadence from certain SRM power meters.
  • We’ve fixed a rounding error that could lead to Karoo recording one unit lower (-1 watt, -1 bpm, etc.) than a different bike computer connected to the same sensor.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent power averages from including 0s while coasting, even if your Karoo had been set to Include Zeros in averages for power. 
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could lead to the Shifting Battery % field not displaying the lowest reported battery level for drivetrains with multiple batteries. 
  • We’ve fixed two bugs with 20-minute and 1-hour averaging fields that led to those fields mishandling sensor dropouts and the starting of a new recording right after ending one.





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