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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.145.875.3

Posted by Hammerhead Team on

Feature Introductions: 

  • We’ve made pairing and managing sensors easier and more consistent with our visual design
    • Now, when pairing new sensors, the rider selects whether they are looking for ANT+, Bluetooth, or Di2. This helps Karoo find the sensor more quickly and presents the rider with a more focused list of discovered sensors
    • Additionally, the same sensor is not shown twice in the list for dual-band sensors, as was previously the case
    • We have also updated the layout of the details page for each sensor
  • We’ve modestly improved battery life, especially when riding with a route, by tweaking how Karoo manages map pages in your profiles

Bug Fixes: 

  • We’ve made several significant improvements to sensor stability, as well
    • Previously sensors could become disconnected after an extended pause and not reconnect. We’ve fixed that
    • Renaming of sensors is now reliable, even when named before a sensor has finished connecting
    • Sensor details could sometimes be forgotten by the Karoo, but we’ve now fixed this

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