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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.115.742.3

Posted by Hammerhead . on

Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Automatic activity upload to TrainingPeaks is now supported - Learn More
  • Map tiles are updated along with styling improvements
    • Improved support of MTB trails and other cycling-specific features
    • Improved visibility of cycling-specific features like cycleways and roads with bicycle lanes
    • Improved road visibility when zoomed out
    • Differentiation between paved and unpaved routes is presented
    • One-way arrows are provided when zoomed in
    • Additional area features (retail, commercial, residential, etc.) are presented

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed a rare issue where routes could cause the navigation service to crash, resulting in an error popup and no turn-by-turn directions
    • Changing POI details on dashboard no longer moves them to the previous location
    • Fixed an issue where the state Georgia and the country Georgia offline map regions could download repeatedly to Karoo
    • Fixed an issue with the HR range data field that could cause the graphic to stick at the top of the range
    • Fixed an issue causing navigation service crashes on certain Ride With GPS

      Features and Bug Fixes Still in Progress:

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