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Dashboard Software Build Version: 1.0.012

Posted by Hammerhead . on

Introductions and Enhancements:
  • When a route is edited in Route Builder, Dashboard now shows a 
    gray line where the route was at the start of the editing session. This was a popular V0.9 feature that has now been added to V1.
  • Improvements to elevation management including ensuring that the route card in the main routes list now shows elevation-gain immediately after a route import.
  • Added “Duplicate Route” option to route popup menu in main routes list
  • Start, end and waypoint markers in Route Builder can now be dragged without having to first click on them.
  • Wider, more transparent route line in Route Builder, making it much easier to click on the line to insert a new waypoint.
  • Removed automatic zoom in Route Builder to frame the route after adding its second point.
  • Changed default mouse pointer in Route Builder to be crosshairs instead of hand.
  • Dashboard now redirects to the homepage (instead of a blank page) if the user goes to a previously bookmarked V0.9 URL that no longer exists in V1.
  • Improved error handling of Komoot imports.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with the drag behavior of the waypoint-editing monocle in Route Builder.
  • Fixed a bug where Route Builder could crash on iOS Safari.
  • Fixed bug where Dashboard could not import routes from any FIT files.
  • Fixed bug where GPX import failed for activity file with many coincident points.
  • Fixed an issue where V0.9 Dashboard shared route links were not working with the V1 Dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue with a rare problem-saving TrainingPeaks credentials.
  • Fixed a bug where the routeing line would diverge slightly from true road locations.
  • Fixed a bug where the elevation gain shown in Route Builder differed from the gain shown in main routes list.

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